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Lissette started playing violin at the age of 9 through her school's music program. As she grew older, the violin became her passion and she wanted to share that passion and the knowledge of music with others.


She began her music teaching career at San Dimas Music where she taught violin and viola lessons for 7 years while studying Music and Sociology at Mt. San Antonio College. She performed in the String Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble under the instruction of violinist Irene Shiao at Mt. SAC before transferring to Cal Poly Pomona to receive her BA in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work.


 Since graduating, Lissette has continued to play in several projects including an album titled "Little Bird" by Kelly Grandmaison and performing with The Musique Sur La Mer Orchestra conducted by renowned director Marcy A. Sudock.


Lissette currently teaches privately and at Thurmond Music where she encourages students of all ages to tap into their musical capabilities through violin and viola. She makes sure to cater lessons to each student's wants, needs and encourages them to have fun while doing so!




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