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sho Fujieda


     Sho has been teaching drums, percussion and piano for well over 10 years at different schools around Southern California. He is competent in helping any student progress at their instrument. Your success is his goal!

     He is well know in the Orange County music scene, performing with a variety is orchestras and groups, including Maverick Theater, Orange County Symphony, and Dana Point Symphony to name a few. 

     He is well versed on many of the orchestral percussion instruments, such as Timpani and mallets, performing in well know venues such as Carnegie Hall and Segerstrom Hall. 

     Sho is able to teach a wide variety of musical styles and drumming techniques, from classical to jazz to rock. Complex metal and double kick fury. His is a drumming machine!

     Why get into music? Take a listen to Sho and you'll understand the passion and love that music entails. 

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